Maui's Island
Maui's Island (Moana - 2016)
Background Information
Feature Film Moana
Other Information
Location The middle of nowhere in the South Pacific
Inhabitants Maui (formerly), Mini Maui (formerly)
Visitors Moana, Heihei, Ocean
Final State Still standing; abandoned
Maui's Island is a location featured in Moana. It served as the place of exile for the fallen demigod Maui.


After stealing the heart of Te Fiti and losing his fish hook, Maui was banished to this desolate spit of land by the lava demon Te Kā as punishment for his crimes. The island lacks any material capable of being used for escape, being completely inhabited by boulders, sand, and weak flora only. The weak flora consists of seaweed, barnacles, lichen, and moss. Maui spends a millennium trapped on the island and apparently spent his time carving markings on the boulders and creating a tribute statue of himself to place in the cave he presumably called home. The fish hooks are made from tally marks.

After his island was visited by Moana, Maui cleverly tricked her into handing over her boat, which he stole as a means to escape his imprisonment. Moana looks back at the island as if to decide between swimming for her life or staying on the island. She chooses to swim. The ocean ensured the island did not become Moana's new home, however, and it has presumably been abandoned entirely following Maui's escape.


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