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Mini Maui is a character in the 2016 animated feature film, Moana. He is a sentient tattoo and the best friend of demi-god Maui. He seems to care more about the return of the heart than Maui does. Mini Maui speaks through his actions. Maui affectionately refers to him as Tiny. Mini Maui acts as Maui's conscience.

Role in the Film[]

Moana first meets Mini Maui at the beginning of the song "You're Welcome." Mini Maui acts out Maui's song on his skin. When Maui is about to leave Moana on the island, Mini Maui pulls one of his tattoos back, then slams it against him. Mini Maui, throughout the movie, gives tally marks to either Moana or Maui. (mostly Moana though.)


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