Moana's necklace
Moana; Moana's Necklace
General Information
Feature Films Moana
Video Games Rhythm Run
Background Information
User(s) Gramma Tala, Moana
Purpose(s) To keep the Heart of Te Fiti safe
Powers and Abilities
Moana's necklace is what kept the heart of Te Fiti safe through out Moana and Maui's journey to return it to the Island Goddess.


It was originally wore by Gramma Tala and when she was laying on her deathbed, she placed the heart of Te Fiti inside it before handing it to Moana. Moana put it around her neck when she realized what she must do to save her island and people, with the heart safely around the neck. It even kept it safe throughout the storm that made Moana's boat crash and wash up on Maui's Island; and with Maui's attempts to throw Moana off of the boat and the Ocean helping her to get back onboard.

The Kakamora had even tried to take the necklace from Moana's neck, when they saw that the heart was inside it; the two fighting over it, however, did force the necklace to open and send the gem towards a rock eating rooster. When Tamatoa saw how shiny the necklace was he tried to take it, but later lost interest when Moana told the giant crab that it belonged to her grandmother and got carried away talking about himself. The reason why Moana didn't want Tomatoa to take the necklace, is because that it was the last thing that her grandmother had given her and couldn't risk the giant crab getting his pincers on the heart.

When Moana came face to face with the ghost of her ancestor, Matai Vasa, he placed his hand on the pendant of his necklace and she did the same with hers. Which could mean that necklaces like their are wore by Wayfinders, that are the leaders of their own voyage and fellow voyagers.


  • The pendant on the necklace looks very similar to the one on Matai's chief necklace. In fact, they both have the same sunrise shell design. It has been passed down from generation to generation.
  • Over forty designs were proposed for Moana's necklace. The final appearance was chosen to represent Moana's ties to both the land and sea. The stars on the necklace represent Moana's identity as a navigator.
  • Like Moana Tala kept the heart safe within the necklace, possibly after she saw the Ocean giving it to her baby granddaughter and later left it on the beach when Tui brought her back to the village; and decided to hold onto the heart within the necklace she wore until it was time to give it back to Moana.


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