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Tamatoa's lair
Tamatoa's lair .jpg
Background Information
Feature Film Moana
Games Rhythm Run
Other Information
Location Lalotai
Ruler Tamatoa
Inhabitants Tamatoa, Frog monster
Visitors Maui, Moana, Mini Maui
Final State Still standing; partially destroyed by Tamatoa

Tamatoa's lair is the home of the giant crab collector, Tamatoa in the film Moana.


Tamatoa's lair is a giant, upward spiraling seashell said to be located in the deepest, darkest part of Lalotai, the Realm of Monsters. Inside lies a wide array of golds and shiny treasures that had been hoarded by the villainous crab for thousands of years. The very top of the shell has an opening that acts as the only source of light, as well as the source of Tamatoa's food supply; fish from the sea catch a glimpse of Tamatoa's glittering shell below them and are immediately attracted to it. As such, they mindlessly swim into his seashell's opening, falling into his lair and into his mouth. There is also a cage made from discarded whale and fish bones on the right of the lair's interior, which Tamatoa uses to hold his prisoners.

When the seashell's light source is covered, it is revealed that the lair is covered almost entirely in a type of bioluminescent paint, which gives it (and the material inside) a glowing, neon appearance.


  • Artist Ian Gooding compares the design of Tamatoa's upward spiraling seashell lair to the architecture of the Guggenheim museum.[1]
  • Inside the lair, three rocks make up a Mickey head.



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