Warrior Face
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Song Information
Composer Lin-Manuel Miranda
Lyrics Lin-Manuel Miranda
Singer(s) Lin-Manuel Miranda (demo)
Christopher Jackson (deleted scene)
Phillipa Soo (deleted scene)
Films Moana
Album Moana
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"Warrior Face" is a deleted song from the 2016 feature film Moana. In the song, Maui attempts to teach Moana how to use her face to scare her enemies while traversing through Lalotai.

The song was ultimately cut from the film.



We've got a job to do We need to survive So you're afraid? Good, that means you're alive No matter what we face We run the show It's time to use your face To let 'em know

Now take your fear, pain Joy, rage Mix 'em up together Into something that the world still hasn't seen

Moana: What do you mean?

Maui: Warrior face Show 'em you mean business With your warrior face Put 'em all in line When you face challenges and dangers You fix your face to face the world Prepare your face to face the world Ha!

Moana: Wah!

Maui: Lower.

Moana: Wah!

Maui: Stronger.

Moana: Ha!

Maui: Come on, Moana!

Moana: HA!!

Maui: Better.

Now make a face That puts the bad guys in their place 'Til they regret the decisions they made that day That led to standing in your way

Hey, warrior face

Moana: Ha!

Maui: Teach 'em there's no messin' With your warrior face

Moana: Ha!

Maui: Show 'em what's in store Warrior face

Moana: Woo!

Maui: Knock 'em back and school 'em With the face of a warrior You have the face of a warrior

It doesn't matter how you feel inside Don't reveal inside You keep it real inside

Moana: Rah!

Maui: You make a face that makes 'em terrified You make 'em scared inside Your teeth are bared, alright

Moana: Ha!

Maui and Moana: We're getting out of here alive (We're getting out of here alive) You're gonna help us to survive (I'm gonna help us survive) We're getting out of here alive You're gonna help us to survive

Maui: With your warrior face

Moana: Ha!

Maui: 'Til it's second nature Make your warrior face

Moana: Huh!

Maui: Sing your warrior song Oh, that warrior face!

Moana: Rah!

Maui: Time to demonstrate You've been a warrior all along You've been a warrior all along




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